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Submitted on
December 31, 2012
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In the darkness,
A figure moves so slowly.
Questioning his purpose here,
And where he's meant to go.
Doesn't understand the light.
In turn he learns to fear it.
A woman smiles softly,
Her warm hold welcomes all.
But in the shadows, things do lurk,
And cripple the Maiden's call.
A weeping boy, doesn't understand
The differences of the world.
Just knows he's not to love a man,
But must, in turn, be hurled.
Into a world, that no one knows
But everyone knows their fear.
And has no reason to disembark this
Machine that controls, contorts, and lies
A weeping man stumbles out.
A maiden's call long dead.
Perhaps it was just a dream,
Perhaps just in his head.
The darkness knows him, it loves him too,
Doesn't judge or condemn.
Just lets him carry on, a weeping man, as him.
Continuing my recent theme of weeping....things, the word Disembarking came to mind and I started writing. Didn't fit anywhere...til the end, but still I felt the urge to just keep typing. When I couldn't find a rhyming pattern, or care for one tonight, I scrapped it and compressed down. No stanzas, no rhyme, no reason...just raw, this.

The Weeping Darkness Loves me so, it tells me how to feed.
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